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  1. 2007.10.10 기다리던 EOS-5D 후속 EOS-7D가 나올듯 하다. (루머)
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딱 제가 원하는 스펙이다.
1:1/1200만화소/5연사/먼지제거/92만화소 LCD/디직3/라이브뷰


나와라~~ 질러주마!!!!

As the current entry-wide mm Canon 5D SLR market in the Moscow hosting the 2012 Olympic first two years, and indeed to the upgrading of the time. Before we all rumors 5D model is the follow-up 5D Mark II, but today we can deny this basic argument, but its chance of being named as the new EOS 7D.

Canon in October 4 for 7D goods registered UPC code

Today we found that Canon has registered a new UPC code of goods (that is the prevailing global commodity barcodes), model is the "Canon EOS 7D." In 40D released a month before, which is August 20, Canon also registered for the UPC code, we see 7D registration deadline is October 4, 07, we have reason to believe that, the new all-mm SLR entry will be in early and mid-November to meet you, The listing should be in the vicinity of New Year's Day.

Canon 40D in the month before the release of its goods registered UPC code

But we are today in a photography forum on domestic see a message was allegedly received 7D has been testing the prototype works, and the main parameters leaked out:

• 12 million pixels
The second five speed sequential shooting, Shooting 21 RAW format
The automatic dust removal system
The 35 district evaluation meter, 3.5% probe
• 15:00 for a cross-precision all right focus, the central focus on the support of 280 large aperture focusing precision
The viewfinder perspective rate of 96%, 0.71X magnification
The more high-precision 3.0-inch 640 x 480 LCD (the so-called 920,000)
• ISO 50-3200, can be extended to support 25,600 and ISO12800
The magnesium alloy body, the use of dust joints, with drop -
• III ,14-bit digital image processing
The new HDMI interface and 800 pixels 16:9 shooting mode
• do not support EF - S lenses
• Live View Mode LCD viewfinder
The shape little changed, with 5D controller, battery

7D and the price was reportedly very low, at only official guide listing 1,899 dollars, equivalent to 14,100 yuan, according to the previous sale of the real price may be as low as about 12,000 yuan, is a beautiful location, with the price suppression D3, by suppressing D300 mm. However, in accordance with the Canon Digital smaller the higher the positioning of names, we may speculate 7D is a new entry for the whole site, above its huge price gap is likely to more intrepid of "3D" reserved, although the new Nikon SLR before the launch we feel that all of a sudden in a Canon a relatively disadvantaged position, now appears, and regain the initiative in sight.
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